The SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in Malaysia. more and more individuals are coming up to run their own business and one of the most common business models is franchising where you can ‘buy’ a certain business model from a reputable or established company and own it. Some of the more common franchise business in Malaysia are like petrol stations, cafes and multi-level marketing. is an online portal from Malaysia that caters to the needs of franchisers and franchisees. In simple terms, it is the marketplace to match quarters with businesses to offer and to those who are interested to source for businesses in this sector. functions as a one-stop venue for you to find the appropriate source if you are interested to invest in any new business.

Franchising in Malaysia goes through a proper regulation process. is the ideal place for you to find out more about what it takes to either own, offer or operate a franchise business. The resources at is compiled and posted for your convenience when approaching to venture into this sort of business. It is essential that you are aware of who are the parties involved and how can they help, what resources are needed, where to get them, where to ask for help when you are in trouble as well as how to apply for a license whether it is personal or for business purposes. There are many sections here for you to find out on all the issues and related matters in the franchising industry.


The references section on is a comprehensive collection of resources where you can find out information about franchising a business. This includes various type of information like laws and regulations in franchising, case studies, best practices and the various regulatory bodies in Malaysia. you will be able to read on how most franchises take place in Malaysia and what are the most common franchise businesses in Malaysia. this section is one of the most informative and concise section where you can find out and read up on most franchising issues. If you have any queries or questions on business franchise and such, you can submit your requests to our experts at

The references section also provide you with the legal implications like franchise law and statutes if you are interested to venture into this business model. You can find out more information about your rights as a business owner as well as a joint partners before investing into a new business. also provides you with the reference and information on where you can obtain more guidance if you have a business idea and wish to franchise or market them. This would usually involve some intellectual property rights and management. As such, this section helps you to identify the parties involved as well as where you can obtain funding as to find the most relevant help to finance your business idea while protecting your rights over the them. this section also provides you with recent and current news and events pertaining to the area of franchising. You can also look through the various franchising businesses in Malaysia like Glorie Jeans Coffee, Avon and such.